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Streator Public Library can assist you with copies, printouts, and faxes.

There is a fee for each request. Please read below for the details of each service.

The library cannot take credit or debit cards for any transaction. 

Cash payments are accepted for all of the above.

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Fee: $0.25 per page



Black and White:

$0.25 per page


$0.50 per page

NOTE: FRONT AND BACK  COPIES are counted as two pages.

Staff produce all public copy requests. 
Bring your material to the front desk and staff will make your copies for you!

If you have special requests, such as for print enlargement or reduction, tell staff prior to making copies.

Print Requests Process:

Email all print requests to streatorplprint @gmail.com, this is our centralized printer. 

Inform staff and they will verify and release your print after collecting the required fee of $0.25 per page for black and white or $0.50 per color page.

Print preview is suggested to determine that the correct pages are being printed to avoid any unnecessary print fees. 


Fax #: 815-672-6734

Fee: $4.00 first minute

$1.00 each additional minute

The $4.00 fee covers single and multiple page faxes. Faxes with more than 4 pages usually take extra time to send and may go over the one minute base time. The $1.00 fee per minute covers extra fees for the library.

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